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Welcome to Dunamis Safety Nets

DSN uses a Binary Matrix System to help members build teams. The binary plan is a network marketing compensation plan wherein new distributors are placed in a binary (two legged) tree structure, or a left and a right sub-tree in the organization. Only two roots or two legs can open up at any given time below someone registering.
Because the width of your organization is limited to only two members on the frontline, any new members that you sign up will‘spillover’ to available empty spaces in your downline’s leg.

There are Five Levels or Stages you can attain in DSN while at the same time you can have a marvellous opportunity to complete our bespoke entrepreneurial courses and defend your chance of getting an investment amount of up to 3 million FCFA to invest in your business.

Upon your registration with 14,000 FCFA the company gives you a Welcome Pack:
In Cameroon this consists of a meal packet with:
1.) 1kg of Rice
2.) 3 sachets of Tomatoes
3.) 25cl of Mayor Oil
4.) 1 Tin of Sardine
5.) 2 Flyers & 2 Brochures to get you started in your recruiting.



This is the bonus you get only at Stage 0 for personally bringing a member to DSN. You need Six Personally Referred persons to move unto the next stage –You get only Utility Items with this bonus.


This is the bonus you get when a qualifying downline meets you at that stage. –You get only Utility Items with this bonus. COMPLETE STAGE BONUS (CSB): This is the bonus you get when you complete a stage. –This is paid to you in cash


This is the bonus DSN pays you to facilitate your organizing of seminars after you complete a Stage. – This is paid to you in cash weekly following your qualification of a particular stage.

BONUSES will be paid twice every month on the second and fourth Saturdays of every


According to the “Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017”, published on 13 November 2016 by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI), based in London, Cameroon is the 20th top country in Africa (out of 37 ranked) for entrepreneurship in 2017. At the global level, the economic engine of the CEMAC grabbed the 116th spot out of 137 surveyed countries. 

At DSN we believe we can make a difference in Cameroon and in Africa by encouraging more entrepreneurs and increasing those figures for we know that Entrepreneurs make up the economic engine of a country. That is why we have come up with the EIA which will not only give entrepreneurs a chance to get investment seed but also provide for them the learning and training needed for them to succeed in our business environment. This award will take place twice a year!

For you to be eligible, you should have:

1.) At least A’ Levels Certification

2.) Have entered Stage 2 (GROWTH LEVEL) and had at least six BASIC STAGE or Stage One qualified members under you at the time of application. 


1.) You will go through a one-month online learning course on Entrepreneurship, Basic Accounting, Marketing Fundamentals etc

2.) You will have Face to Face tutorials on Leadership, Customer Service and Social Media Marketing.

3.) You will prepare a well-structured Business Plan based on what you have learnt.

4.) You will present (or defend) this business plan in front of a panel of judges who will grade and come out with the best candidate who will be awarded that investment amount. We may also find a supervisor to ensure the money is put to good use.

Cash Awards will be awarded thus:

1st Prize: 3 Million FCFA

2nd Prize: 2 Million FCFA

3rd Prize: 1 Million FCFA


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