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Welcome to Dunamis Safety Nets

Our Values

We relentlessly stay truthful and ceaselessly build trust. 

We are accountable and committed to doing our job RIGHT and ON TIME


 We pledge to support you in all your needs by assuring you of quality service throughout your process

You will always know what to expect from us.

We will continually adapt to ensure that we remain competitive and adjust with the ever changing business environment

Why we stand our

Why join DSN

Why we encourage three or more registrations

With 7 registrations you qualify immediately to Stage One and can start benefitting from Spill Overs (That is, bonuses from the downlines the people above you register).

PLEASE NOTE: You can benefit from Spill Over only as from Stage 1. With three names you need just 4 more people to qualify to the Stage 1! If you are hardworking and can refer many people, each of those names can quickly go to Stage 1 and you can quickly move to Stage 2. The more names, the more benefits. For example, John has seven names. Three of his names already have moved to stage 1. . This means he can choose as many Stage 1 Packets as he wants.

When all your names get to Stage 1, you all move together. You can at this point easily control your back office and see where to add people for you to move forward.
As your names move stages, the bonuses you get also increase.



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